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318 Last Man Standing

Nov 30, 2019

Doyline, LA • Doyline, Louisiana 71023 United States
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Lake Bistineau State Park
103 State Park Drive
Doyline, LA US 71023


Presented by Sportspectrum & Sportspectrum Race Management


The 318 Last Man Standing is a different type of event with a new “race” strategy.


The first race starts at 8:00 a.m. Sharp! – run, jog, walk, hike the 3 mile trail loop. The object is to get back in the allotted time so that you can go again, again, & again until you are the “Last Man Standing”


Here is how it works: First race you will have 45 minutes to go 3 miles. Make it back in 20 minutes you have 25 minutes to recover before the next race starts, (see chart for approximate starting times) make it back in 44 minutes you only have 1 minute before the next race starts. Every third loop we drop the allotted finishing time by 5 minutes until we get down to 25 minutes.

Each loop we will run you in a different direction, just to keep you on your toes and make things interesting. Throughout the race we will throw in what we call “prime loops”. We will not announce that it is a “prime loop” until 2 minutes before the start of the next loop. For the “prime loops” the first male and female back will get a sweet gift from one of our awesome sponsors, it could be a pair of shoes, gift certificate to a nice restaurant or a pair of socks. This is where the strategy comes in to play. Do you bust ass and try and win the prime and risk getting too tired to continue on or do you keep an easy pace and try and outlast everyone else?


For those that just want to come out and just enjoy a nice 3 mile run through the woods and then hang out and watch to see who outlasts who, we will also be offering a 3 mile Fun Run.


Bits and Pieces about the race:

The race takes place on a non-technical trail inside lake Bistineau State Park

No Pacers—No exceptions!

No dogs or baby joggers allowed on the course

Bring a headlamp just in case you make it to the evening portion. The sunsets at 5:09 p.m. on race day.

We will blow a whistle at 3, 2, 1 minute before the start of each new race. This is to let you know we are about to start the next race.

You can set up a tent, or cover near the finish line to have chairs, change of clothes, goodies, etc. Bring your team and have a cookout—it’s all good!


Aid Stations:

You are on your own as far as water or nutrition needed for the race. So bring an ice chest, handheld, whatever you think you might need to help get you through the race.

At noon if we have anyone left we will start making PB & J sandwiches, if we have anyone left at dinner we will grill up some hamburgers and hot dogs!


Packet pick up: Packet pick is Friday November 30th from 10:00 a.m. – 5:30 p.m. at Sportspectrum or you can pick up your packet at the race site, race morning starting at 7:00 a.m.



Your t-shirt is your prize for competing. There are no age group awards.

Awards will be given to prime loop winners and the last runner standing.

The object is to outlast the competition. The very last male or female participant will take home 20% of all the entry fee money that is brought in from all that have registered. There will also be a cash prize for the second male or female

If the last participant is a male than the second place cash will go to the last female standing

If the last participant is a female than the second place cash will go to the last male standing.

Example: 100 participants @ $50 ea = $5000.00 20% = $1000 Overall prize money

2nd place $200


Race fees:

Last Man Standing $50 until the day before the race

$60 day of the race

3 mile fun run $20 until the day before the race

$50 day of the race

This covers your entry race fee and any park entrance fees.

Run a single 3 mile loop or commit to running until you just can’t run anymore.

Come out and be a part of this unique and challenging race!!







New Balance

GoodR sunglasses



Great Raft Beer