How Many Calories Will I Burn If I Run X Miles?

The number of calories you burn running or walking depends on many factors. Here are some general rules of thumb.

Photo by i yunmai on Unsplash

Here’s the short answer: You burn approximately 100 calories for every mile you run. (Run 12 miles, burn 1,200 calories.) The long answer is much more complicated, far too technical, and impossibly individualized for us to generalize here. Your gender, age, height, weight, speed and other factors all affect how many calories you torch when you exercise. Here are some ballpark figures of what you might use running or walking different distances. Or eating cake. Cuz you gotta live. 

  • Run a 5K: 300-400 calories burned
  • Walk a 5K: 140-200 calories burned
  • Run a 10K: 600-700 calories burned
  • Walk a 10K: 250-350 calories burned
  • Run a half marathon: 1,400-1,600 calories burned
  • Walk a half marathon: 650-900 calories burned
  • Run a marathon: 2,800-3,200 calories burned
  • Walk a marathon: 1,600-2,800 calories burned
  • Drive home after eating too much ice cream cake at your niece’s birthday party: 5 calories burned (regardless of your age, gender, or number of cookie dough nuggets consumed)
Photo: Taylor Kiser

Whatever you do–walk, run, eat cake–do it with passion, and always remember the golden rule: Your mileage may vary!


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